Welcome to the Care Net Holland foundation (CNH).

CNH is the publisher of ZorgKrant.nl, among others. Within this page you will find a brief introduction of CNH and ZorgKrant.nl, as well as the options for partners, authors and advertisers.

About CNH:

CNH was originally founded in 1988, and formally established in 1992. CNH is an idealistic organisation, and the objectives of the foundation are aimed at promoting the digital exchange of information within Dutch healthcare. In recent years, CNH has primarily worked with volunteers. In former times, CNH has supported many (professional) organisations in the realization of their first online project. From 2000 to 2014 approximately, CNH and several partners founded and maintained an extensive online portal for care professionals and care organizations. Since around 2014, CNH has limited itself to ZorgKrant.nl. 

About ZorgKrant.nl

ZorgKrant.nl can be seen as a popular newspaper for healthcare professionals and other interested parties. Each day, many articles on various subjects are posted on the site, often barely modified from the original source. The sources for the articles on Zorgkrant.nl are always from renowned partners and information providers such as universities and reliable newspapers. The site is partially supplemented with blogs and articles from our editors. Most news items are also forwarded to our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as to our email newsletter. Our goal is to keep Zorgkrant.nl  transparent and objective, so any advertisement on the site has to be recognizable as sponsored information. No tracers are allowed on ZorgKrant.nl, and advertisements for medicines and / or medical claims are not allowed, or only to an extent.

Offering content

If your Dutch article does not include advertising, is relevant to our target group, is provided with respectable and verifiable sources and complies with, among other things, Dutch legislation, then chances are that we would like to place it. You can offer your article via this e-mail address: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. It is possible to add an image of 650 x 650 pixels with your article or blog. Obviously, if you want us to consider using this picture, you are required to give us the name of the photographer and / or stock agency of the chosen image for your article. 

Becoming a partner

We offer universities, non-commercial organizations and interest groups the opportunity to structurally offer press releases to our newspaper. We are happy to bring any congresses, training courses (etc.) to the attention of our visitors at a reduced rate.


We offer the possibility to post an article about products or services. As mentioned earlier on this page, any advertisement has to be recognizable as sponsored information, we don t allow tracers, and advertisements for medicines will barely be placed on the site. Optionally there is the option to let us promote the article through a prominent announcement within our weekly email newsletter. The costs vary between  195  and  695,  excluding VAT per article.

Accessibility of our websites

CNH.nl and ZorgKrant.nl are not optimally accessible from all countries! Our websites focus specifically on Dutch-speaking people. Almost every day, illegal attacks that are often automated are made on our technology, mainly from foreign IP addresses. We regularly block (groups of) foreign IP addresses temporarily or for a longer period of time. On request we can unblock an IP address. As for the language of the site, CNH has very limited possibilities to professionally translate articles or e-mails into Dutch.  As a rule, we therefore only communicate in Dutch.


The information on this page was written on May 24, 2020, so it could be subject to possible changes and errors. The information is primarily written for interested parties outside of the Dutch language area. The information on this page is less up-to-date and less extensive than our information in Dutch on the rest of the site. No rights can be derived from this information. If you would like to receive more current information about CNH and Zorgkrant.nl, or if you have any questions, please contact CNH.